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Near the city of Bemidji in Northern Minnesota, a 10,000 square-foot wooded lot, just 1,000 feet up from the shores of Lake Andrusia, offers an idyllic setting for a beautiful 5,000 square-foot home. Just one problem. Local building codes limit the total amount of impervious surface on residential properties to 50 percent.

That left no allowance for a paved driveway, patio or pool area – unless they were installed with a permeable or pervious paving material. Tim Allen, owner of T&K Outdoors, Inc., was the landscape contractor who solved the problem.

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Our excellent selection of interlocking stone pavers in a wide variety of colors, can provide beautiful pathways and walkways to accent your property.

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Stone patios provide an elegant touch that will impress those you plan to entertain in your yard. T&K Outdoors can design any style or size of patio to meet your entertainment needs.