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We serve the Bemidji Area and northern Minnesota with quality workmanship, great customer service, and a wide range of the finest landscaping products available. please take time to enjoy browsing through our website and let us know how we can make your outdoor dreams become a reality!

  • Planters
  • Walls
  • Stone Work
  • Stairways
  • Walkways
  • Steps

Planters >>

Do you enjoy the natural beauty of flowers around the house? T&K Outdoors can enhance your flower beds even more by building beautiful stone planters, custom made to suit your style.

Walls >>

If you need a retaining wall or decorative wall, T&K Outdoors can build custom suited walls with stone, rock, or wood.

Stone Work >>

For the aesthetic look on your property, T&K Outdoors can build you a beautiful rock setting that will satisfy your natural bent.

Walkways >>

Our excellent selection of interlocking stone pavers in a wide variety of colors, can provide beautiful pathways and walkways to accent your property.

Stairways >>

A stairway built by T&K Outdoors to custom specifications at lake fronts, gardens or patios can provide a perfect touch to your property.

Steps >>

Larger step stones can enhance the look of your property and will bring a satisfying look of elegance to your home. T&K Outdoors have a great selection of step stones that can suit your taste in decour.

Water Falls >>

Do you enjoy the beautiful sound of flowing water? T&K Outdoors can design a waterfall feature for you that will provide all you desire in enjoying the calm & restful ambiance of water on your property.

Ponds >>

Enjoy the tranquility of a pond feature on your property to add the natural setting water can provide. T&K Outdoors can design a pond feature to perfectly suit your property.

Creek Beds >>

Dry creek beds add an element of beautiful naturalness to any property. T&K Outdoors can design you a perfectly authentic creek bed.

Pondless Water Features >>

A pondless water feature provides a hidden water source, but still allows for water flow such as a water fall or creek bed. This feature by T&K Outdoors is perfect for a more public area water feature design.

Enhancement Lighting>>

T&K Outdoors can help you enhance a garden wall, drive way or decking with low voltage lighting added into your design. T&K Outdoors offer a creative selection on pathway lighting for your custom designed walkways, gardens, or outdoor features.

Patios >>

Stone patios provide an elegant touch that will impress those you plan to entertain in your yard. T&K Outdoors can design any style or size of patio to meet your entertainment needs.

Fireplaces >>

Enjoy the warmth and hominess of a fireplace feature. Pit style fireplaces or chimney style fire places provide a cozy atmosphere to relax around anytime of the year.